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BIO COSMO’S PAFFH Technology is an advanced method of wound healing and it helps several people in living normal life in the world. Biocosmo has through years of research developed a unique wound healing protocol which helps patients achieve faster, safer, scar less and painless wound healing with excellent cosmetic effect. Wounds are common in our day to day life and normal treatment method is painful, prolonged, leaving a scar which we carry throughout our lives.

Wounds are common in our day to day life and normal treatment method is painful, prolonged, leaving a scar which we carry throughout our lives.

#2. Wound Healing Process

Skin is a protective wall of our body. Skin is made up of cells and tissues. Any skin loss in our body is called a wound. There are various types of wounds. They are classified depending upon the nature and depth of the wound. Our body is a complex and remarkable machine, and the process of wound healing is a great example of how our body’s different systems along with the proper wound care products work together to repair and replace devitalized tissues.

After the injury, the first phase of wound healing is Hemostasis action It begins at the onset of injury and the objective is to stop the bleeding. In this phase, the body activates its emergency repair system. Biocosmo has innovative treatment methods that aid the blood clotting process immediately and strengthens the platelets into a stable clot.

Phase 2: Defensive/Inflammatory Phase During Phase 2, a type of white blood cells called neutrophils destroys bacteria and removes debris. After this specialized cells called macrophages continues clearing of debris. These cells also secrete growth factors and proteins that attract immune system cells to the wound to facilitate tissue repair. Biocosmo’s unique debridement methods removes bacteria and dead cells without damaging good tissues.This phase often lasts four to six days and is associated with edema, erythema (reddening of the skin), heat and pain.

Phase 3: Proliferative Phase Once the wound is cleaned, Phase 3 called the Proliferative Phase starts, where the focus is to fill and cover the wound. The Proliferative phase has three distinct stages:

1) Filling of the wound

2) Contraction of the wound margins

3) Covering of the wound (epithelialization).

During the first stage, shiny, deep red granulation tissue fills the wound bed with connective tissue, and new blood vessels are formed. During contraction, the wound margins contract and close towards the centre of the wound. In the third stage, epithelial cells arise from the wound bed or margins and begin to migrate across the wound bed until the wound is covered with epithelium. Biocosmo’s tissue regeneration material and unique treatment method hastens this process. The Proliferative phase often lasts anywhere from four to 24 days.

Phase 4: Maturation Phase During the Maturation phase, the new tissue slowly gains strength and flexibility. The body reorganizes the tissue, remodels and matures and there is an overall increase in tensile strength. Biocosmo will enhance this process with the use of special medication. The Maturation phase varies greatly from wound to wound and lasts anywhere from 21 days to two years. The healing process is remarkable and complex but it is also susceptible to interruption due to local and systemic factors, moisture, infection, maceration (local), age, nutritional status, body type (systemic). When the right healing environment is established, the body works in a unique way to heal and replace devitalized tissue.

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