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India’s first and exclusive Wound Healing Hospital

Amputation Free Diabetic Foot Wound Healing…. World over…


"Amputation free world".

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"Save legs & Save lives"

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Survived more than  4000 patients from life threating situation.

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Some of our specialities are
• Anti amputation centre - Faster and painless non surgical wound healing with excellent cosmetic effect • Research based treatment for unidentified diseases without side effects • Scar minimisation special treatment • Treatment for curing all auto immune disorders • Advanced eye care – Special treatment protocol for removal of glasses • Advanced pain management • Management of uncontrolled diabetes in short time without side effects
Avoidance of surgery
• Many patients develop complications as a result of surgeries • Biocosmo’s research based non surgical treatments help patients avoid surgery and amputation in most cases thus minimising the number of surgeries • By avoiding surgeries & resultant complications, patients can retain good health for the rest of their life

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Novel Integrated Treatment for all type of Diabetic Wounds Biocosmo's vision is to SAVE LEGS & SAVE LIVES


Dr P.K Shibu exploring novel approach towards diabetic non healing ulcer provides successful treatment to PREVENT AMPUTATION OF DIABETIC FOOT.Chennai city takes pride in having India's first anti amputation Centre which uses combination of Indian medical systems & Allopathy system in a unique way leading to sucess stories.Biocosmo started research since 1998 onwards in wound healing treatment protocol & products. The new system not only protects individual mobility but the patient's family welfare. It also helps to reduce the burden of diabetic induced handicapped population in the society. Biocosmo has also done a wonderful job in bringing awareness about diabetic foot and risk of amputation. Biocosmo has successfully treated both domestic & international patients. Biocosmo are also experts in curing skin disorders like Psoriasis, Eczema, etc.

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Diabetic Wound Treatment

Diabetes is usually characterized by inadequate levels of blood insulin and excessive blood and urine sugar levels and it is systemic disease adversely affecting many parts of the body.


Behind those Beautiful Works

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

The Founder

Dr. P.K. Shibu

Has done extensive research for over a decade Developed innovative methodology to treat and heal diabetic foot ulcers , gangrene, etc. Has received accolades from various quarters including the Life time achievement award from the former Governor of Tamilnadu Dr. K. Rosaiah.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr A.N Shanmugham,

Bsc, MBBS Retired Civil Surgeon Department of Health Government of Tamilnadu

Senior Ayurveda Consultant

Dr. Nedungadi V Haridas

Ayurveda Rathna, Ph D, FPNCCRC, FWIMBC, FRSH

Consulting Doctor

Dr. Harikrishnan

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Chief Accounts Officer

P Chandra Bhanu, FCA Chartered Accountant

Legal Cell - Head

R Suryanar Maheshan

Msc, ML (Ph.D in Law) Advocate – High Court of Madras


Ian Smith

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.



I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

2019 March

Why Biocosmo

BIOCOSMO is a unique health care centre following the concept of integrated medicine. BIOCOSMO’S PAFFH Technology is an advanced method of wound healing which has helped several patients in living a normal life. BIOCOSMO has through years of research developed a unique wound healing protocol which helps patients achieve faster, safer, scar less and painless wound healing with excellent cosmetic effect. Wounds are common in our day to day life and normal treatment method is painful, prolonged, leaving a scar which we carry throughout our lives. BIOCOSMO is recognised worldwide as a leader in advanced wound healing. Dr. P.K Shibu was recognised as by Top as a top performer on June 22, 2018. This was published in all leading international channels like CBS NEWS, FOX, NBC, abc, etc TAP recognized Dr PK Shibu. founder of BIOCOSMO HEALTH CARE as a top professional in advanced wound care with a vision to create an AMPUTATION FREE WORLD. Dr Shibu has 20 plus years of experience in healing all types of non-healing ulcers and diabetic foot complications. He has helped over 4000+ patients globally to avoid amputation of limbs, giving them dignity of living life without social stigma. Our mission is to “SAVE LEGS & SAVE LIVES”

2019 March

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2019 March

“Amputation Free World”.

Has your doctor referred you for Amputation?! Think twice. You will become handicapped!! Biocosmo’s anti-amputation treatment will help you. Our vision is “Amputation Free World”.


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